Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mulberries - will give them a go!

Mulberries here are kind of a weed, and in the world of bonsai not regarded very high.  They do fruit nicely and the leaves do reduce well, but I never seriously consider growing one into a nice bonsai.

I do have this one for a few years now but did not do much with it except for cutting it back drastic now and again:

July 2014 I decided to give the species another chance. I repotted the tree into a bonsai pot(To give it some status!) and I cut it back hard again:

It will look good in 3-5 years.

Being very positive about the species, I dug up another that was placed on the ground 2 years ago:

Another one dug from the garden(2 years old):

Looking forward doing something to them!