Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ficus burkei sumo trunk

I have bought this Ficus from one of our Kai's members He sold some of his trees because he moved to a colder area of RSA.

This Ficus was 27 years old when I bought it in June 2009 and I have paid about 100 US dollars for it. The tree stands about 60cm high.

Ficus thonningii
is a species of Ficus. It is native to Africa. Recent phylogenetic analysis suggests several distinct species may be classified as F. thonningii.

 This is probably Ficus burkei:

 I chopped the branches back December 2009 to get some lower branches going:

I also repotted the tree into a bigger container and from there the growth was very slow but I did get some twigs going. Here is the tree October 2010 after another cut back:

The tree is growing much slower than I have anticipated - I do believe the roots are filling the pot and the tree is storing all of it's energy there and not in new growth. As soon as the roots have filled the pot I do believe I will get some better growth. Here is the tree October 2011:

After the cut back:

I will leave it in this pot for another two years. In spring I will select and wire the twigs. The sharp taper from trunk to branches need to be softened - I will try and grow it into an open umbrella style.

I have defoliated the tree again and cut it back. Hope to get a lot of buds going.
Here is the newest pics November 2012:

 The biggest part of the original nebari is still covered in the hope of getting some horizontal roots going.

From the top:
 Will update again after it has budded out.

I am not getting the fine twiggy growth that I am hoping for. I have potted the tree into a new bonsai pot:

I have not placed the tree correctly in the pot and the color of the pot is not complimenting the tree.

Will fix this next growing season.

In the meantime I have defoliated the tree to try and get more twiggy growth.