Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ligustrum / Privet - another exotic.

I got this trunks in June 2009:

 In November 2009 I wanted to do tanuki kind of thing bringing a lower shoot up as the first branch to the left:
This shows the twig I wanted to use:

I have decided against that because the growth on top seemed to enough to keep the tree healthy. Here is the tree 2010:

This is the tree three years later:
I did some carving on the roots and painted all the deadwood with lime sulfur without cleaning the wood first. This left the deadwood dark.
The tree September 2012:

It was shown at a regional competition and there were a lot of positive remarks. The tree needs to placed a little above eye level to be really appreciated. The third branch from below on the left hand side needs to grown out a little bit more. I will defoliate the tree very soon to get the leaves reduced.

November 2013: