Friday, April 27, 2012

Umbrella tree (Schefflera) - one of my exotic trees.

This tree was growing in a clay pot but over years it's roots grew through the draining holes and eventually the pot cracked because of all the roots.

Here is the tree in the broken pot and roots growing into the paving:

Here is the tree removed but not planted July 2009:
I left some longer branches because I was still uncertain which direction to take this in but in the end decided to chop them and it was potted up after the roots were reduced. Here is the tree January 2010:
 Some more branches reduced and some carving done June 2010:
i could have shortened the tree more but thinking of making a open umbrella style crown and decided against that at that stage. Here is the tree(two views) defoliated January 2011:

From the last photo taken I have left the tree to grow freely. Will update soon.

The tree August 2012:

The tree has grown out well. Waiting for warmer weather before cutting it back and defoliating it.

October 2012:

 Cut back and semi defoliated:

Not very happy with the outcome. I should have cut back the long trunks a long time ago. I will repot the tree onto a slab and place the tree in the garden as a permanent display.

July 2014:

I have left the tree to grow out freely. It has formed a lot of aerial roots - will see if I am going to keep them. I am going to start feeding the tree for the cut back end August. Will update then.