Saturday, November 9, 2013

31 years old Ficus burkei progression.

I have bought this Ficus from one of our Kai's members. He sold some of his trees because he moved to a colder area in Johannesburg.

This Ficus is 31 years old and I have paid R500,00 for it. The tree stands about 60cm high.

(Ficus thonningii is a species of Ficus. It is native to Africa. Recent phylogenetic analysis suggests several distinct species may be classified as F. thonningii. This is probably Ficus burkei:

http://www.figweb.or...icus_burkei.htm )

The tree in 2009:

I realized that the current crown would not work because the branches were too long and straight - the tree would look better with a crown closer to the trunk.

After cutting back:

The tree was left to grow out again and I planted it in a bigger and deeper pot in 2010:

 It was left to grow out again (October 2011):

The tree December 2012:

From above:

This tree seems to take forever - Ficus is easy to keep alive and build a nebari but not so easy building a crown with a nice branch structure and twiggy growth!

The tree today (November 2013) before defoliation

From the top:

The crown should be thinned out a bit?

I am even thinking of fusing branches/twigs growing close together?

13 November 2013:

I have defoliated the tree totally and removed some growth. The tree looks better now.