Saturday, March 9, 2013

Grewia occidentalis

(The above tree showing the beautiful flowers  belongs to James Campbell as shown in the  Campbelltown Bonsai's Annual Show in November 2012: Picture by Leonarda:

The same tree today:

Common Name:
Bow-wood, Button-wood, Lavender Star Flower (English) Cross-berry (English) Mumaka (Shona) Musosobiana (Shona) Umsosobiyane (Ndebele) Kruisbessie (Afrikaans)

Name from: Four lobed fruiting capsule.

Habit: Evergreen shrub, much-branched- may loose leaves in very dry or cold periods.

Height: May grow up to 5 meters but mostly 3-4 meters.

Leaves: dull dark-green, serrated, bluntly pointed, 20 -60mm long.

Flower: star-shaped, pinkish - mauve, with 5 coloured petals and 5 similarly-coloured sepals which grow between them. A cluster of yellow stamens stands out from the centre. August - March.

Wood: Gray smooth fibrous thick bark..

Fruit: The fruit looks like a cross because there are four round seeds in the capsule.

Habitat: The natural distribution of the Grewia occidentalis ranges from the Western Cape up to Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The tree grows in the winter rainfall as well as the summer rainfall areas of Southern Africa.  In the Northwest Province of South Africa they grow with Buddleja, Olive, Red Ivory, Celtis and Acacia on the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain. Here is pic of the area you can found them - notice the Buddleja and Olives in the background:
The same area but here the authorities bulldozed all the potential yamadori to clear the land for the powerlines - what a shame!

Cultivation: Grows easily from fresh seed. Likes good soil and plenty of moisture, can stand full sun or part shade, but needs protection from heavy frost. Warm water treatment of seeds may lead to better germination.


The following shows a progression series of a beautiful root over rock Grewia from Steve Reeve from Australia.
The tree in 2005:

The amazing tree today:

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