Saturday, July 5, 2014

Trident Maples.....I think I am beginning to like them.

Here I can not really grow Pine and Juniper -like trees because it gets too warm in summer and not cold enough in winter. I also did not like to grow Maples because my first one suffered all the time.
This is my first one....I still have it and it does not look much better now:
It also seemed that our temperate climate did add to the frustration of lack of color on Maples in autumn. Last autumn(2013) this changed and I had some lovely clors on my Maples:

I also got some field grown trees for cheap in August 2010. I bought 5 of them. From the time I bought them they did not grow much, but they are progressing.

Here is the first one:
January 2011

 July 2014

I will let it grow out again this growing season and some further branch selection - I do need advice on this!
I have posted the tree on this forum for advice and comments: advice and comment here.

Here is the second one:
Oldest pic:

November 2012:

Will have to make serious decisions on this one soon!

For advice and comments I posted the tree on Bonsaisite:
 Bonsaisite - Comments and advice please

Here is the third one:

July 2014: